BIAS Amp Integration

Both Bias FX and Bias AMP are discontinued products. If you have previously deleted these apps from your device, you might not be able to download them from the Apple App store again. This guide is reserved only for those who still have the apps installed on their device.

BIAS FX is fully integrated with BIAS AMP (sold separately), all 12 included amp models can be opened into BIAS AMP, tweaked and imported back to BIAS FX.

  • When in amp's control panel, you'll see a BIAS Amp icon roll in from the right side of the screen (Photo 1)
  • Tap on the small tube icon and you can send current amp into BIAS amp to do more detail tuning like changing preamp tube or adjust compression in transformer and so on (Photo 2)
  • After adjustment, you can click on BIAS FX icon on top bar in BIAS Amp, it'll send this adjusted amp back to BIAS FX. (Photo 3)

You can also delete your custom amp in BIAS FX by tapping on the garbage icon under the small tube icon.

Photo 1

Photo 2



Photo 3


Note: You are not allowed to delete default amps.

Note: if you are JamUp user, by default it will show JamUp icon on BIAS AMP upper bar, tap and hold JamUp icon to show BIAS FX option, then you can select BIAS FX as your default multi-effects app. We are working to improve the UX to make it more obvious for BIAS FX users.

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