Inter App Audio Routing

BIAS FX integrates a brand new inter-app audio routing engine. You can easily insert any Inter-App-Audio compatible audio apps in BIAS FX’s dual signal paths, just like connecting audio effects app with virtual cables! BIAS FX makes it easy to go nuts with your tone with your audio apps.

BIAS FX, however, is not designed to use with JamUp and BIAS AMP via Inter-App Audio. You will get the best result by using BIAS FX internal pedals and racks. You can also use BIAS AMP to tweak and design your custom amp, and import BIAS amp into BIAS FX, not to use BIAS Amp via Inter-App Audio.





  1. Tap on the icon on top right with a “A” in it to choose app to insert in the signal chain
  2. After that, you can drag the app to any place you want just like an effect pedal, you can click on the icon in control panel to switch to the app and do detail adjustment.


You can drag the app icon to the garbage can or click the “eject” icon on the control panel to remove this app on signal path.

Note: Inter-App Audio is an new feature provided by iOS 7.0 and later. Inter-App Audio allows audio apps that are instruments, effects, or generators to publish an output object which can be used by other audio apps.

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