Preset Management

Saving & Overwriting Presets



Tap the Save button located on the top panel to access save options.

  • Tap Save will overwrite current settings.
  • Tap on Save As New to save as a new preset. Rename the preset and choose its save location.


Edit, Delete, Move Preset/Bank




Tap the edit icon (••• icon) to enter Edit mode and follow the steps below to edit your bank and presets.


To rename a preset bank, simply tap the bank to change the name. To move a bank, tap and hold the sorting icon next to the name and drag it to move. To delete a bank, tap on the "–" icon to delete.


To rename a pedal, simply tap on the name label to change the name. To move a pedal, simply tap and hold the pedal and move it to another spot. You can also move a pedal to another bank. To delete a pedal, tap on the "X" icon to delete.

Once you're done configuring your presets and banks, tap on "DONE" to exit Edit mode.

[Create a New Bank]

Tap the "+New..." option to create a new bank. Give the new bank a name and hit "DONE" to save.


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