Global Settings

Global settings affect BIAS Pedal’s overall configuration. You can access the global settings by tapping on the settings icon on the top panel. 





Connect with BIAS Distortion or other device.

Input Channel

Choose whether BIAS pedal receives input from the left channel, right channel or stereo input.

Output Selector

Choose output device.

Knob Gesture:

BIAS pedal provides three knob gestures:

  • Linear (Vertical) - The knob will respond when you drag up or down.
  • Rotary - The knob will respond when you drag in a rotating manner.
  • Auto Detect - The knob will automatically switch to Linear or Rotary mode by detecting your most recent gesture.

Run in Background

Enabling the Run in Background option allows BIAS Pedal to continue processing audio when the app is in the background. Disable this option to stop processing when BIAS enters the background.


Choose between Low or Normal latency setting. Low latency setting requires more CPU usage. Set it to Normal if you get click/pop noise issues.


Send us a feedback. You can write a feedback or issue a report.

App Information

Factory Reset, check app version, DSP engine, and What’s New page.


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