How to Pedal Match?

1. Launch your DAW, and add one audio track.

2. Assign audio interface input to the track(guitar-> target pedal(off)-> audio interface input)

3. Launch BIAS Pedal on an insert slot for the track.Bypass BIAS Pedal's signal in lower bar and select the testing amp your prefer in amp room.

4. Switch on your target pedal. Listen to your target tone or pre-recorded track. Switch off target pedal and switch on BIAS Pedal. Select one similar-sounding preset and try to dial the tone as close as possible to your target pedal. This will place your source guitar’s tone in the ballpark of where you want Pedal Match to take it.

5. Drag pedal match module into the signal path. While strumming your guitar continuously, click first the Source button and then the Sample button in the Match module to capture your source tone. Please be sure to strum continuously until Pedal Match indicates the sampling process is 100% done.

6. Click the target button and switch on your target pedal (all Distortion modules on signal path will bypassed in target mode.) While strumming your guitar, adjust the Target Vol knob to set the input level as close as possible to the level of your source tone. Once the levels are roughly equal, strum your guitar continuously and click the Sample button to capture your target tone. Please be sure to strum continuously until Tone Match indicates the sampling process is 100% done.If you want to use a pre-recorded track(run through target pedal only) as your target tone, please play the track while clicking on the Target and Sample buttons in turn, making sure to play the track until the sampling process is 100% done.

7. After both Source and Target sampling processes are completed.Switch off your target pedal and click on the Match button, then click on the Turn On button to complete the Amp Match process. Your source (guitar input played through BIAS Pedal) and target (Guitar played through Target pedal/pre-recorded track) should now sound the same!

8. If you wish, you can fine-tune the matched tone and level by adjusting the five knobs on the right side of the Pedal Match module. You can also repeat steps 6) through 8) if you feel you didn’t get perfect results the first time.

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