Getting "System Error" or "Payment Declined" When Trying To Pay With Paypal Or Credit Card

If you get an error when trying to buy any of our products on the Store section of our website, please try the followings:

1. Contact your card issuer/bank to see if they have more information about the error.

2. Change a browser. For example, if using Chrome when getting the error, try to use Safari when purchasing. Certain aspects of browsers can interfere with payment, hence the error.

3. Make sure you fill out all the billing information required during the checkout process. 

4. Change a device, ex. try purchasing with a computer if you're using a mobile device.

5. Try a different payment method. ex. Try another credit card. If you were using Paypal, try your credit card instead.


* For the "Paypal Dark Out" issue, please logout your Facebook account first to see if it works.




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