Where is My Expansion Pack?

Once you've purchased an expansion pack (Metal Signature Pack, Bass Expansion Pack or Acoustic Expansion Pack), you will need to activate it to access the new content. To activate, just simply log out and log back into ToneCloud within BIAS FX.

After you've successfully activated the expansion pack, your new amps and effects will appear in the effects menu categories lists.

Please note that you need BIAS FX version 1.3.4 and above for the expansion packs to work. Also, you do not need the Professional edition to use them, the Standard edition will do as well.

Here is where the new content will be located:

Metal Signature Pack

Merrow Gate (Gate)
Loomis OD (Drive)
Merrow Drive Drive)
Loomis PQ (EQ)
Frostburn Chorus (Mod)
Frostburn Delay (Delay)

Hi-Gain Amps

Loomis Metal
Merrow Fire
Merrow 5153
Frostburn Fire

Acoustic Amps

Loomis 120
Frostburn Ice

Bass Expansion Pack

Bass Compressor (Comp)
Bass DI Driver (Drive)
Bass Deluxe Drive (Drive)
Bass EQ (EQ)
Bass Chorus (Mod)
Bass Octave (Mod)
Bass Envelope (Mod)

Acoustic Expansion Pack

Acoustic Preamp (Drive)
Acoustic EQ (EQ)
Acoustic Chorus (Mod)
Acoustic Reverb (Reverb)

Acoustic Amps

Acoustic Image
Acoustic Simulator



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