How To Control BIAS FX & JamUp (Free & Pro) with the BT-4 Pedal

Control BIAS FX & Jam Up with Your BT Pedal


1. Open the BT-4 Pedal Editor and select the button you want to control and enable MIDI Mode. Now, set the CC value of the button you want to control and press Home button and after-which, launch JamUp/BIAS FX (make sure you keep Editor running in background!).

2) Once in BIAS FX/JamUp, tap on the Cog icon on the top right side and select MIDI setting. turn on ‘Enable MIDI Control’ then tap on ‘MIDI Control Assignments’

3) Afterwards, this page will appear. Now select  ‘Add New  Control Assignment’

4) We’re going to assign a MIDI function for a pedal in this walkthrough, however if you want to assign a preset or utility you can do at this page - but for now, please tap on ‘Amp/FX Switch’

5) Now select what you would like to control, for this we’ve chosen to toggle On/Off the Boost Pedal.

6) This will now bring up this page to control the source. Either select ‘MIDI Learn’ however, after setting the MIDI value in the first steps, you can set it to the value manually too - This is particularly helpful if you’re using a MIDI Controller other than the BT Pedal

7) Select the Learn Function and press down on the BT-4 switch you want to control till it clicks. This will then assign the BT-4 to this function.

8) Now, you can go back to the main page of BIAS FX and your pedal will be fully functioning!

We really hoped these steps helps, and please give us some feedback so we can make the help centre easier to use.


WARNING: Make sure you press the switch hard enough to hear a click sound. We designed this switch for much confirmation as players pressing switches on stage.

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