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Q: How do I use BT Pedal to control other apps?
A: Please refer to the steps below. Let's take OnSong as example:

1) Let’s start with opening the BT pedal editor app. Afterwards, open your ‘Settings’ app, and  connect with your BT pedal via BlueTooth. 

2) In the BT Editor, choose the button which you would like to control OnSong with, and set it to ‘Midi mode’. Here you can choose your channel, the number of the footswitch and each value of the MIDI message - for this, let’s set it 0 as the ‘Off’ Value, and 127 as the ‘On’ Value

Don’t worry, advanced users, both CC and PC can be recognized in OnSong!


3) Now we've done that, launch OnSong and tap on the gear icon for the settings in the top right.  Then go to ‘Editors’ and select ‘MIDI’.

4) Select the tool icon on the lower left corner of ‘MIDI Triggers window’ This will bring up a further window as well.

5) Turn on the ‘MIDI Enabled’ switch, and then tap on the Sources and make sure all the options are ticked. 

If you’re a little lost, don’t worry - have a look at the picture below that will help you find your way!

6) After steps 4 and 5, tap the Gear icon again to go back to the ‘MIDI Triggers’ settings. We’re nearly there now.

7)  Step on the foot switch of BT Pedal we is set the Values for in step 2.  The MIDI message should appear in the menu - if you’ve set it up the same as us, you will see either 127 for ‘On’ or 0 for ‘Off’. You can tap the message to select the action you would like to trigger from the list.

8) Finally, go back to the main screen and the BT pedal should be linked with OnSong now!



Q: Why is the long press function not working for me? 
A: The long press function is made for "controlling the presets you have edited in BT pedal". Therefore, it's not possible to apply the long press function to further control the amp presets in BIAS FX or JamUp.

With the long press, you can assign more than one set of MIDI controls in BT Editor with Bank + / -, or directly jump to a certain set.


Q: My BT Pedal keeps losing connection recently. Is there a way to fix it?
A: Should you encounter this problem, please try to kill all the running apps (after saving, if needed). Restart your iOS device and try again.



Q: What kind of messages does BT Pedal send to apps?
A: BT Pedal (including BT-2, BT-4) supports Control Change, Program Change and Sysex (in-app controls for JamUp and BIAS FX). For that most apps with MIDI control support CC and PC for sure. It doesn't send Keyboard messages like AirTurn pedals do.



Q: Why am I having trouble with my calibration when I connect my expression pedal to BT Pedal?
A: Please open BT Editor, and connect your expression pedal to your BT-2 / BT-4. You will see the expression pedal values showing on the right slot. See picture below:


Tap on the expression pedal icon, and you will see a pop-up menu. Tap on calibration and you can calibrate your expression pedal by writing in the minimum and maximum values. Then you will get it ready for use!


Q: I own some apps and they support MIDI control but nothing works with BT pedal. Why?
A: First of all, please refer to Q: What kind of messages does BT Pedal send to apps? to check the MIDI messages we send. If the apps only receive and recognize keyboard messages, it will probably not work with BT pedal.

Also, please make sure that the apps support BlueTooth MIDI controllers. Some apps only receive MIDI messages through cables. Not only BT-2 and BT-4, even controllers like iRig BlueBoard will not be working with them. For example, ShowOne is an app that requires MIDI control through cable only, and thus it won't work with BT Pedal.


Q: Does BT pedal work with Mac or PC?
A: No. BT Pedal is available with iOS apps only.



Please also refer to General FAQ if your question is not answered here.
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