How to Control BIAS FX Plug-in with MIDI Controller in Logic Pro?


1. Plug-in your MIDI controller to Mac device, then launch Logic Pro X. And create an audio track with BIAS FX inserted.


2. Open BIAS FX, right click on the effect unit you would like to control, then choose MIDI/Automation.


3. Find the command you would like to control from the list, then pick the parameter number from the dropdown list.
For example, let's set parameter 0 to toggle the pedal on/off here.


4. Back to the main screen of BIAS FX plug-in, find the display option on the header of plug-in, then choose Controls.


5. Open Controller Assignments window from Logic Pro X -> Control Surfaces.


6. In the Controller Assignments mode, we would recommend to start from Easy View. First, please click on Learn, then click on the parameter number set in the step 3. You should see the parameter number display in the parameter slot of Controller Assignments window.


7. Now tweak the fader/knob/button of your MIDI controller, the input message should be displayed in the slot.


8. When you finish your setting, please remember to click Learn again to quit learn mode.

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