Bass, Middle, Treble

The tone stack controls replicate exactly the gain and frequency response of the selected tone stack topology, including classic passive tone stack and analog parametric tone stack. They match the knob settings exactly to the original amp tone stack topology.

Depending on the tone stack circuit topology, some of the original tone stacks do not have all of the tone controls, while some have more tone controls. For the sake of consistency, we always show three-knob tone controls.


Each parameter ranges from 0 - 11.

Start with the dials in a 12 O’Clock fashion, and adjust accordingly to taste.

The best way to do this is by sweeping all the way up, and all the way down. Then settling at a point that sounds the best.



Recipes for Great Tones

Once you’ve dialed in the various parameters to get a Glassy, Clean, Blues, Crunch, or Metal tone - here are a few settings we recommend starting with to help you get the tone you’re searching for:

American Clean

  • Bass - 6
  • Middle - 4 
  • Treble 5

English Crunch

  • Bass - 4
  • Middle - 6 
  • Treble 6

English Chime

  • Bass - 6 
  • Mid - 4
  • High 6

Modern High-gain

  • Bass - 6
  • Mid - 4
  • High 4
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