Presence and Master


The “MASTER” dial provides one way to control how much power amp distortion you would like for your amp, as it defines the breakup of the power amp distortion. By working with the preamp “DISTORTION dial, you can manage the balance of preamp distortion and power amp distortion. When the power amp section gets heavily saturated, the EQ controls and presence control will have less influence on the tone and the sound will have a more “boomy” effect.



The PRESENCE knob boosts or cuts upper frequencies in the power amp stage by altering the negative feedback’s frequency response.


  • MODERN mode creates a sound that cuts more through effects, especially with higher-gain amp types.
  • VINTAGE mode delivers a more classic and balanced upper range.


Start with the dials at 0, then starting with the “PRESENCE” dial, slowly turn the dial clockwise till it’s at the max - then roll it back to a point you feel is best.

The same applies for the “MASTER” dial - although start at 6, and max it out. Then roll it back and dial in where sounds good!

Use the “MODERN and “VINTAGE switch to find the desired tone, and try A/B’ing between each setting of the dial.


When using the the “VINTAGE mode, sometimes using the BRIGHT | NORMAL switch found in the PREAMP section can help boost the high end frequencies lost.

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