Custom Dial and Cab Sim Switch


The “CUSTOM” dial allows you to allocate ANY parameter of the BIAS Amp Software to it. The default setting is to have the dial control the threshold of the Noise Gate, to determine when the Noise Gate starts to function and cut out unwanted noise.  

You can change which parameter you could like the “CUSTOM” dial to control by using the BIAS Head Software included in your purchase (See BIAS Head Software)




The “CAB SIM” is either your own custom IR (Impulse Response) or one of the cabinets included in your BIAS Amp Professional desktop (and iOS) Software.

This is particularly useful if you are using an external cabinet, or use in a studio setting where you may want to only record the head and Re-Amp later on.

Using the “CUSTOM” dial, start at the Minimum setting.

Slowly turn Clockwise to the Max, and then roll back if needed to a comfortable position.

Using the “CAB SIM” Switch, flick DOWN to disengage the simulated cabinet.

The LED will be turned OFF to signal the Cabinet Simulation is now inactive.

Simply flick back UP to engage the Cabinet Simulation.

The LED will start glowing and turn ON to signal the Cabinet Simulation is now active.

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