Working with Headphones & Effects Loop


Working with Headphones & Effects Loop 

When using headphones to monitor, please always make sure to use the 'Headphone Output' and not the unbalanced or powered TS jack outputs. High-impedance headphones are strongly recommended.

  1. Connect your instrument to the input jack.
  2. Connect your headphones to the 'Headphone Input' jack (¼” TRS).

Working with Effect Loop (Send/Return)


Before working with the Effect Loop, please make sure you have read up on the Serial and Parallel Modes we have included; Which can be found here: Parallel and Serial Modes


To use the Effects Loop on the rear of the unit, please follow these steps:

  1. Please select either Serial or Parallel Mode by flicking Utility Switch.
  2. Use two mono TRS ¼ inch jacks with the length needed to connect to your external unit.
  3. Connect Send to the input jack of effect unit.
  4. Connect the output jack of effect unit to the Return of the BIAS Head

We advise engaging the Ground Lift function when using the Effects Loop (see Working with Mixer / DI / Active speaker - Line outs )

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