Desktop (Mac/PC)

By pairing up BIAS Head or BIAS Rack with the BIAS Amp1/2 Professional software (comes free with the unit), you'll open up even more customization options for tone creation.
Please see the steps below on how to connect your BIAS Head or BIAS Rack to BIAS Amp (desktop).

1) Open BIAS Amp1/2 Professional Desktop standalone, locate the USB B to A type cable supplied with your unit and plug it into the back of your BIAS Head or BIAS Rack.  Please always leave BIAS device powered off until BIAS Amp2 Desktop is installed and set up on your computer.


2) Once a connection is established, the registration notification will pop up, click on REGISTER to proceed:


To disconnect the BIAS Head or BIAS Rack, open the Settings menu again and click 'Eject' to disconnect. Once ejected, the Settings menu will return to its original state.

Please always refer to this article if you experience any issues during the connection process.
I am not able to connect the BIAS Head/Rack to BIAS Amp Desktop via USB, what should I do?

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