Importing Presets

Importing Presets

Please see the steps below on how to upload presets from the BIAS Amp software to your BIAS Head/BIAS Rack.



1. Start by connecting your BIAS Head/BIAS Rack to your desktop computer and accessing the amp list within BIAS Amp desktop in the drop-down menu located at the top panel.


2. Select a preset that you would like to use in the BIAS Head/BIAS Rack and make any final adjustments to it if needed.




3. Click the arrow symbol at the top panel next to the amp drop-down box and select Save To Head.


4. Enter the name, bank and model number you would like to use on the BIAS Head/BIAS Rack and select OK. The preset will now be loaded into your BIAS Head/BIAS Rack.




1. First connect you iPad to the BIAS Head/BIAS Rack and then access the amps menu within BIAS Amp.


2. Select the amp that you want to import to the BIAS Head/BIAS Rack, and make any final adjustments if needed. Once you select the preset, the signal will change to this amp through the BIAS Head/BIAS Rack automatically - similar to when you preview an amp on ToneCloud.


3. Once you’re happy with the sound of your tone, tap on the save icon and select Import to BIAS Head/Rack.


4. Select the bank and the placement within that bank that your preset will reside. Name the preset if you would like to rename it, and tap Save. That’s it!




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