What is MD5 and what does it do?

MD5 is a tool that helps to make sure your downloaded installer is exactly the same as what we built. 


If you intend to verify the MD5 of the installer you downloaded, we strongly suggest you do the verification immediately after the new download.

(If you come back to check the MD5 a couple days later, it's possible that we might just released another update and thus you'll find the MD5 to mismatch.)


To verify the MD5 for the installer you downloaded, please follow the instruction below:

1. Download the software installer from user center

2. Go to this link 

3. Drag and drop the downloaded installer onto the webpage as instructed.

4. The page will show you if the downloaded installer has the same MD5 code as shown in our user center.


If the MD5 matches, then you may safely proceed with the installation.

If not, there might be something wrong with the download process. We'd suggest disabling the firewall and any anti-virus software, or try a different web browser. 

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