F2 switch - Serial & Parallel Modes


Serial & Parallel Modes (Amplifier model only)

Some artists prefer to run a wet and dry signal when playing live, or in a studio; by this, we mean there is a cabinet simulation or IR (Impulse Response) being used and a cabinet on-stage or in a live room in the studio; The wet signal is the on-stage or live room output, and the dry signal is the desk-fed output or direct monitor in the studio.

We implemented these two separate modes to accommodate every user in a live and studio situation. To switch between them depending on what’s needed at the time, simply flick the F2 switch:

  • Blue LED Color - Parallel Mode
  • Red LED Color - Serial Mode

NOTE: Serial Mode is the factory default setting.


In Serial Mode:  

  • Utility switch LED = Red
  • The color of CAB SIM LED = Red
  • Can NOT use Speaker Out and Line Outs at the same time
  • The CAB SIM switch will affect the sound comes from all audio output jacks INCLUDING the Powered 4-16 Ohm Output
  • The Send/Return works properly with all audio output jacks.


In Parallel Mode: 

  • Utility switch LED = Blue
  • The color of CAB SIM LED = Blue
  • Users can use Speaker Out and Line Outs AT THE SAME TIME
  • The CAB SIM switch WILL NOT affect the 4-16 Ohm Speaker output.
  • The Send/Return will only work with Line Outs under Parallel Mode.



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