Acoustic Expansion Pack

To access your expansion pedals and effects, click on "ADD FX" to bring up the effects menu. For your new amps, double click on the amp icon in your effects chain to bring up the amp menu. The Acoustic Expansion Pack delivers 6 premium studio pedals/effects and amps.
Please refer to this article Where-is-my-expansion-pack on how to activate your purchased expansion packs.

Pedals/Effects (4)

  Acoustic Preamp (Drive)
  Acoustic EQ (EQ)
  Acoustic Chorus (Mod)
  Acoustic Reverb (Reverb)

Acoustic Amps (2)  (*In BIAS FX 2, these 2 features are in the EQ section of the Effect Menu)

  Acoustic Image (Acoustic)
  Acoustic Simulator (Acoustic)

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