Effects, Amps and Presets

To access your BIAS FX LE effects, please click "ADD FX" to bring up the effects menu. You will see them in the corresponding categories.

To bring up the amp menu, double click the amp icon in your signal chain and select the amp you wish to use.

You can access the presets by clicking the preset menu on the top panel and look under 'Factory Rock'.


Below is a list of everything that comes with BIAS FX LE.


[Pedals]  (6)  

Treble Booster  (Boost)

808OD  (Drive)

EQ6  (EQ)

Chorus  (Mod)

Delay  (Delay)

Digital Reverb (Reverb)


[Amps]  (3)  

'77 Silver Tone  (Low Gain)

'69 Plexiglas  (Crunch)

'92 Treadplate  (Hi Gain)


[Presets]  (3)

Default Hi Gain

Default Crunch

Default Clean

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