F1 switch - Working with a Footswitch

BIAS RACK is compatible with the Positive Grid I2C pedal and most one button latch-type footswitches.

To connect a single button latching foot switch, plug your Foot Switch into the #2 “exp pedal” jack on the back of your BIAS head using a TRS cable and follow the steps below:

1) Hold the F1 switch (calibration switch) on the rear of the unit for 3 seconds, until the LED lights up Blue in color.

2) Step on your footswitch, to record the OFF status, or minimal value.

3) Flick the calibration switch on the BIAS head to lock in the OFF status, or minimal value; The LED will turn Red.

4) Step on your footswitch again, to record the ON status, or maximal value

5) Flick the calibration switch to lock in the ON status, or maximum value; The LED will Flash a few times to indicate that the calibration was successful.


Once calibrated, to assign a particular preset to the footswitch please follow the steps below: 

1) Choose the preset you'd like to use with your foot switch.

2) Step on the footswitch to set that tone to your foot switch,

3) Flick the calibration switch on the rear of the unit, and the current preset will be saved with the footswitch value.

4) Repeat this process again with another tone to switch between those two tones.


Please Note: Exp pedal jack 1 is only compatible with I2C Protocols for Positive Grid products ONLY, Footswitch 2 is for all other latch-type footswitches.

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