Delay Modules (Delay Pack)


Delay Stage


Drive (Dry/Wet)

This is a dry/wet knob to control the amount of distortion or dirt that is mixed into delay signal path. 


Drive Bypass Switch

Bypass the drive function on both wet and dry signal.


Delay Type Selector

The selector allows you to switch between Tape, Standard, Ping Pong, and Reverse delays.


Time, Note, Dot, Trip

When time mode is selected, this allows you to set Milliseconds, Note, Dot, and Trip options. This creates delay patterns based on the current global tempo, which you can adjust in the global BPM option on the bottom panel.



Control the amount of time between your original signal and the delay output.



Sets the amount of feedback to determine the number of repeats.



Adjust the level balance between delay wet and dry signal.


Bass & Treble

Boost or cut the bass and high frequencies of the delay signal.



Captures and freezes the current feedback loop.



This adds old school analog character to the wet signal.



Controls how much the Tape distortion affects the wet signal. 



Mod Stage



Sets the threshold for the ducking function, which causes the delay signal to decrease when the dry signal exceeds the threshold level.


Gain Reduction

Adjust how much delay signal is reduced.



Adjust how fast the volume decreases when the signal exceeds the threshold level.



Adjust how long it takes for the wet signal to return to normal when the input goes below the threshold.


Modulation Style

The selector allows you to choose different modulation styles to add to the delay tail.



Controls the speed of modulation.



Controls the depth of modulation. 



Widen the stereo sound of modulation.



Adjusts the dry/wet balance of modulation.


Mod Output

Control how much modulation interacts with the delay signal path. When set to “Wet Only”, modulation will only affect on the wet signal, when set to “Normal”, modulation will affect the overall output.



Select the shape of modulation.

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