How to Backup My Presets?

If you would like to backup your presets, please backup the following folders:


(please replace "PositiveGrid/BIAS_Amp2" with "BIAS_FX" if it’s BIAS FX,  "Bias" if it's BIAS Amp 1)


/Users/(User name)/Documents/PositiveGrid/BIAS_Amp2/GlobalPresets

/Users/(User name)/Documents/PositiveGrid/BIAS_Amp2/ModulePresets


C:\user\(user name)\documents\PositiveGrid\BIAS_Amp2\GlobalPresets

C:\user\(user name)\documents\PositiveGrid\BIAS_Amp2\ModulePresets


Or you can just backup the whole PositiveGrid/BIAS_Amp2, BIAS_FX and BIAS_Pedal folders in Documents just in case.


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