Factory Reset for Spark LIVE

⚠Before performing a factory reset, we strongly recommend backing up the presets you saved on the Spark LIVE previously to the Spark app.


Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset. This process will reset all the presets stored on the Spark LIVE as well as its Bluetooth pairing information, and Power Saving Setting.


1. Turn off your Spark LIVE.

(Power off without Spark Battery.)


(Power off with Spark Battery.)



2. Hold the Power Button and Preset Knob simultaneously, then release the buttons when the Power Indicator turns into white color.



3. Hold the Power Button, until all four preset LEDs blink, then release the button.



4. Spark LIVE will be turned off automatically when the factory reset is completed, turn it back on to start playing.


*After step 2, if you’re not ready to perform a factory reset, or tend to do it later, you can cancel the process by tapping the Power Button.

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