Mixer View

Input Channel 2 and Input Channel 3/4 are located on the rear control panel of Spark LIVE. Adjusting the knobs on the rear panel may be inconvenient when you're on stage.


To overcome this difficulty, you can utilize the Mixer View feature in the Spark app.


1. Connect your instruments on Input 2 or 3/4.


2. Tap the "Mixer View" icon next to the "ToneCloud" icon.


3. You can adjust the volume for music and each channel individually by dragging the respective faders.

image (10).png

*Note: Turning the fader all the way down does not mute the channel. Be sure to power off Spark LIVE before unplugging any input.


4. You can also change the impedance by tapping the dropdown menu.

For Input 1 & Input 3+4:


For Input 2:



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