Backup & Reset for BIAS FX 2 (Windows)

This tool, developed by our software engineering team, is designed to collect essential logs from your computer. It can also back up your presets in BIAS FX 2 before resetting BIAS FX 2 on your computer.


Rest assured, this tool will specifically focus on resetting BIAS FX 2-related files on your computer.



Please follow the instructions below to reset BIAS FX 2 on your computer:


1. Download the Support Tool here.


2. Launch the Support Tool by right-clicking on it and selecting "Run as administrator".


3. Click on "Yes" on the pop-up warning from User Account Control to run the Support Tool.


4. Click the "Backup & Reset" tag on the bottom-left corner.



5. Click "BACKUP & RESET". 


6. Confirm and click the button again.


7. Done! Your presets will be backed up in the folder saved in /Documents folder.



Please follow the instructions below to restore your presets from the backup folder:


1. Launch BIAS FX 2 and close it.


2. Navigate to "\Documents\PositiveGrid\".


3. Delete the "BIAS_FX2" folder.


4. Rename the backup folder from "BIAS_FX2_BACKUP_yyyymmddhhmmss" to "BIAS_FX2".


5. Launch BIAS FX 2 again and you should find your presets.


If BIAS FX 2 doesn't function properly after restoration, please contact our support specialist for further assistance.

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