Spark GO Firmware Release Notes

May 13. 2024

Spark GO firmware

  • Increased headphone output volume.
  • Added Spark Control X expression pedal compatibility.
  • Fixed a DSP issue that caused firmware to crash randomly.


May 10. 2023

Spark GO firmware 1.13

  • Update DSP lib to r0006 for new Scenario EQ and refine Post Filter to 1 HPF
  • Call Scenario EQ process function after mixing music and guitar signal
  • Activate Scenario EQ for speaker output and deactivate Scenario EQ for headphone output
  • Set power amp EQ/DRC version: 0425-1_BIQ+DRC.RT5509 and enabled Amp EQ
  • Fix the "death note" issue when changing the amp quickly


Mar 14. 2023

Spark GO firmware 1.11

  • Update new Factory Presets
  • Fix the bug that set the wrong parameters for Post Filter
  • Input gain ratio: 0.23
  • Post Comp output level: 0.45 (-1dB)
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