Indicators (Preset, Power, Wireless)

Preset Selector

Bank A 1-4: Red
Bank B 1-4: Green



Power Indicator

Normally, the power indicator light on Spark LIVE is not illuminated when it's connected to the power.

The power indicator turns red when Spark LIVE is powered on.


With Spark Battery loaded and power connected, the indicator stays green when Spark LIVE is powered on/off, breathes when Spark Battery is charging, and turns solid green when fully charged.


Battery Installed Cable Connected Power Status Power Indicator
No Yes Off N/A
No Yes On Red
Yes No Off N/A
Yes No On

50% - 100%: Solid Green


10% - 50%: Yellow


Under 10%: Orange

Yes Yes Off

100%: Solid Green


Charging: Flashing Green/Yellow/Orange


*When the Spark LIVE is ready to perform a factory reset, the power indicator will turn white.

For more information, please check Factory Reset for Spark LIVE.



Wireless Indicators

Indicates the status of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

Connected: Solid Blue/Green
Pairing: Flashing Blue/Green


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