Support Service Guidelines

Our Support team is happy to help answer questions about buying or using Positive Grid products. If you run into problems with our products, we are here to help.


Note: We prioritize support requests based on the time they were last submitted. If you submit multiple tickets, your position in the queue may be pushed back, resulting in extended wait times.


For desktop software and mobile apps, technical support is available for the current release version and the version immediately prior. We cannot offer troubleshooting or support for earlier versions, nor do we answer questions about or offer support for discontinued products. You can find information about this in our Help Center.


As a music software company, we firmly stand behind the belief that free expression is a fundamental human right. We advocate for everyone to have a voice and the freedom to express themselves. Within our community, we uphold values of inclusivity and respect, unequivocally rejecting discrimination, offensive language, and hate speech. We reserve the right to decline support services to individuals who engage in offensive language or discriminatory behavior.


Please understand that tutorials and explanations of general guitar knowledge and tone-adjusting techniques lie outside the service scope of the Support team.


For more learning resources, browse the video offerings on our Learn page.


If you can't find the answers you're looking for on our website, visit our contact page for further assistance. 

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