FAQ- BIAS Footswitch

Q: Where can I buy BIAS Footswitch?
A: Please see our dealers listing at: https://www.positivegrid.com/dealers/

Q: What’s the difference between the BT-4 Pedal and the BIAS Footswitch?
A: The BT-4 Pedal is a wireless footswitch that's only compatible with iOS devices, you can connect it to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth. The BIAS Footswitch is designed for BIAS Gears only, you can connect it to your BIAS Head, Rack, MINI Guitar, MINI Bass via a TRS cable.

Q: Is it possible to use BIAS Footswitch with other guitar amp?
A: Unfortunately, BIAS Footswitch is only compatible with BIAS Gears.

Q: What kinds of cable can I use with BIAS Footswitch?
A: Please use a ¼ inch TRS cable for BIAS Footswitch.
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