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[Latest Update: 5/21/2018]
Q: What are the new features compared to BIAS AMP 1 iPad/iPhone?
Q: I am BIAS AMP 1 user, how much is it to upgrade to BIAS AMP 2 Classic?
A: BIAS AMP 2 Classic mode is exclusive for BIAS AMP 1 users and it's free of charge. 
Q: Am I going to lose anything from upgrading to BIAS AMP 2 Classic or Full mode?
A: No, BIAS AMP 2 Classic has more features than BIAS AMP 1 and is fully downward-compatible with BIAS AMP1's presets. You only get more features and improvements from either upgrade, never less.
Q: Will I get a better pricing to upgrade to BIAS AMP 2 Full mode if I'm already a BIAS AMP 1 user?
A: Absolutely yes. You get $14.99 to upgrade to BIAS AMP 2 Full mode, compared to it's listed price $19.99.
Q: What about the expansion packs I bought for BIAS AMP 1? Am I still eligible for using them in BIAS AMP 2?
A:  Yes. After the installation of BIAS AMP2, the app will check your license and verify if you bought any In-App Purchase for your BIAS AMP 1. If you did, the status of the pack will show "Installed" 
Q: I am BIAS AMP 2 Elite user and already bought Celestion Modern Vintage pack for desktop, am I eligible for using Celestion Modern Vintage packs for BIAS AMP 2 iPad?
A: Unfortunately no. These two platforms are separated and the license on one platform will not extend to the other.   
Q: Is my BIAS MINI Guitar or Bass compatible with BIAS AMP 2 iPad? 
A: Yes, BIAS MINI Guitar and Bass are supported by BIAS AMP 2 software on the desktop for both Mac and PC, as well as the new version of BIAS AMP 2 for iPad. What's even better is, BIAS AMP 2  iPad is free for BIAS MINI Guitar / Bass users. Please check this article for more information BIAS Amp 2 iPad for hardware users
Q: Can my BIAS Head or BIAS Rack currently connect with BIAS AMP 2 software?
A: Yes!
Q: What is the projected release schedule for a version of BIAS AMP 2 that supports the iPhone?
A: We are working hard on the iPhone release, and we expect it to be released in early June.
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