How to Backup Amp Presets on BIAS MINI Guitar and Bass?

1. Connect your BIAS MINI Guitar amp and Bass to computer via USB.
2. Select Backup and Restore from the setting menu.
3. Create a save point to save all your current presets from the MINI Amp to your computer. 
4. You can also backup all your current presets in BIAS Amp2 software here: 
Mac: UserName/Documents/PositiveGrid/BIASAMP2/GlobalPresets
Win: C/Documents/PositiveGrid/BIASAMP2/GlobalPresets

All presets on the device will be saved to here:
MAC: UserName/Documents/Positive Grid /BIAS Amp2/RemotePresetsWarehouse
WIN: C/Documents/Positive Grid /BIAS Amp2/RemotePresetsWarehouseWin_Remote_Presets_Warehouse.png

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