Solution to failure on BIAS AMP 2 launch (Win/Mac)

1. Uninstall your previous version:
    If you’re on Windows 7, refer to this article

    if you’re on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, follow these steps:

    if you’re on a Mac, simply locate the program on your Drive, drag it to Trash Can and done.

2. Next, back up this folder 

Mac: /Users/[User_name]/Documents/PositiveGrid/BIAS_Amp2

Win:  C:\Users[User_name]\Documents\PositiveGrid\BIAS_AMP2

3. Delete these files and folders
        /Users/[User_name]/Documents/PositiveGrid/BIAS_Amp2 (folder)
        /Users/[User_name]/Library/Application Support/PositiveGrid/BIAS_Amp2.settings (file)

(Show/hide hidden files for Mac:

If you're with OSX10.12 and OSX10.13, try deleting this file (BIAS_Amp2.settings) by using command:
Click on the 'Go' menu in Finder while holding down [Alt/Option] to access the'username/Library' folder

        C:\Users[User_name]\Documents\PositiveGrid\BIAS_AMP2  (folder)
        C:\Users[User_name]\AppData\Roaming\PositiveGrid\BIAS_AMP2.settings file)

Now that the previous version and related files have been removed, you can proceed the installation again. Please visit and login to enter Download page, download and install the new build. 

4. To restore the presets, please move the backup folder to:

Mac: /Users/[User_name]/Documents/PositiveGrid/

Win:  C:\Users[User_name]\Documents\PositiveGrid\

5. Launch BIAS AMP 2, it's supposed to work this time. If it doesn't and you're with OSX10.13 on Mac, please refer to this article to troubleshoot further.

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