How To Control BIAS FX Plugin with MIDI Controller in Cubase

1. Connect your MIDI Controller to your computer and verify the connection is enabled in Cubase by going to Devices>Device Setup:

2. Add a MIDI track to your project by right-clicking in Cubase and selecting ADD MIDI TRACK.

3. Send MIDI signal into Cubase using your MIDI controller and verify there is meter activity in the Transport Panel which will verify MIDI signal is getting into Cubase:

4. Add an Audio Track, and add BIAS FX as an Insert on this track.

5. Select the MIDI track, and in the Inspector go to MIDI Sends, and select to SEND to BIAS FX:

6. In BIAS FX, right-click a pedal you want to control and select "MIDI/AUTOMATION"

7. Making sure that RECORD is enabled on the MIDI track, press MIDI Learn in BIAS FX and then use your MIDI controller to send a CC#.  This CC# is recorded in BIAS FX and will then be used to control the chosen parameter.  (Doing this verifies BIAS FX is receiving MIDI signal. You can also manually enter CC values).  In this case CC#4 will be used to toggle this effect on and off:

7. Select DONE to exit the MIDI window.

8. Now press the same button/pedal on your MIDI Controller again, and you should see this effect pedal toggle on or off.

9. You can then enter parameter values to control Intensity, Speed (such as for this pedal in the example), or any available parameters in other effects and amps.

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