Effects, Amps and Presets (BIAS FX JAM)

- To access your BIAS FX JAM effects, please click "ADD FX" to bring up the effects menu. You will see them in the corresponding categories.

- To bring up the amp menu, double click the amp icon in your signal chain and select the amp you wish to use.

- You can access the presets by clicking the preset menu on the top panel and look under 'Factory Rock'.


- Below is a list of everything that comes with BIAS FX JAM.


[Pedals]  (6)  

Treble Booster  (Boost)

808OD  (Drive)

EQ6  (EQ)

Chorus  (Mod)

Delay  (Delay)

Digital Reverb (Reverb)


[Amps]  (3)  

'77 Silver Tone  (Low Gain)

'69 Plexiglas  (Crunch)

'92 Treadplate  (Hi Gain)


[Presets]  (3)

Default Hi Gain

Default Crunch

Default Clean

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