BIAS Amp 2 Desktop Does Not Detect BIAS MINI via USB

BIAS MINI Guitar/Bass doesn't come with a separate USB driver and it follows the general USB protocol provided by Apple & Microsoft on your computer. Please follow the troubleshooting steps below to see if that helps:

1. Always leave your BIAS MINI Guitar/Bass powered off until BIAS Amp2 Desktop is installed and set up on your computer.
Login to our website to download the latest BIAS Amp 2 Desktop version here:

2. Try using a different USB Type B cable or connect it to a different USB port.

3. Remove all existing USB devices such as audio interface or MIDI keyboard from your computer. 

4. Always use "High Performance Mode" on your computer.
For an in depth guide, please see these articles:
How to Setup High Performance Mode on Win10:
How to Setup High Performance Mode on Mac OSX:

5. Find the USB G1 device on Device Manager and remove it from your computer.
For PC:
Navigate to Device Manager->Click on Other Devices & Sound,Video and Game Controller categories. Uninstall the G1 device on and install it again.

For Mac:
Navigate to Audio MIDI Setup->Show MIDI Studio. Remove the G1 device and plug your BIAS MINI Guitar/Bass to computer via USB again. 

*If you still failed to connect BIAS MINI Guitar/Bass with your computer via USB, please send us a request to create an official bug report:

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