Is It Possible to Import Presets from BIAS FX to the MINI Amp?

The MINI Guitar/Bass Amp is compatible with BIAS Amp2 Desktop/iPhone/iPad versions only, which means it's not possible to load or save presets  from BIAS FX software to the MINI Amp device.

Please follow the steps below to use it in a physical fashion:

1. Connect your iPhone/iPad or computer with an audio interface for sending signals out from BIAS FX software to the BIAS MINI Amp. 

2. BIAS FX software already comes with preamp/power amp simulations, so it will be better to turn off the simulations for better performance, and it's all up to your taste to decide which section need to be bypassed.

3. Connect Send of BIAS MINI Amp to the input jack of the audio interface. 

4. Connect the output jack of the audio interface to the Return of the BIAS MINI Amp.

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