How to Find/Record with BIAS FX 2 in Logic Pro?

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1. Please log in to the download page, download & install the AU/VST version of BIAS FX 2.

macOS AU.jpg


2. Launch Logic Pro and navigate to Logic Pro -> Preferences -> Plug-in Manager.HC_LPX_HelpCenter.png

3. Make sure BIAS FX 2 is on the list and the check box is ticked.



4. Select the audio track and choose "Audio FX" on the channel strip. 


5. Select Audio Units -> PositiveGrid -> BIAS FX 2 -> Mono.



* If BIAS FX 2 is not in the list, but the file BIAS FX2.components does exist in the location
Mac HD
/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components/, please try the steps below :
-1. Quit Logic


-2. Navigate to Finder then press "Shift + Command + G" and delete the following files:

/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components/BIAS FX 2.component


-3. Move the file from "~/Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache/" to the desktop for backup.

-4. Restart your computer and launch Logic Pro, click "Reset & Rescan Selection" and check if you can see Positive Grid in Plugin Manager.

*If you can't locate “BIAS FX2.component” in the location /Library/Audio/Plugins/Components, that means the BIAS FX 2 plugin is not installed on your Mac properly, please run the BIAS FX 2 Plugin.pkg to install the plugins again.

*If you've performed all the steps above but still failed to see the BIAS FX 2 plugin in Logic, please reboot your Mac and open Logic again to see if it works.

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