BIAS Amp 2 App Does Not Detect BIAS MINI via Bluetooth

1. Always check you're running the latest BIAS Amp 2 App on your iPad/iPhone.
Check the information:

2.Please refer to the troubleshooting guide below to make sure there's no wireless interference in your environment.

3.Download the latest BIAS Amp 2 Desktop and connect your MINI Guitar/Bass Amp to computer via USB. After, update the firmware to the latest version and try to connect your iPad/iPhone to MINI Guitar/Bass Amp again.

Login to our website to download the latest BIAS Amp 2 Desktop version here:

4. Connect your iPad/iPhone to a different Bluetooth device such as a Bluetooth speaker to ensure that the Bluetooth feature on your iPad/iPhone is still working.

5. Try to move your iPad/iPhone as close as to the MINI Guitar/Bass Amp first. After, download the "Light Blue Explorer" app on Apple App Store and let us know the signal strength.
Click to download the "Light Blue Explorer" app on App Store:


6.Please make sure USB is not connected to a computer while trying to connect to your iOS device via Bluetooth.  

* If you still failed to connect your IPad/iPhone to the MINI Guitar/Bass Amp, please answer the following questions as much as possible and send us a request to create an official bug report: 
1. Your iPhone/IPad Model.
2. Serial# of your MINI Guitar/Bass Amp.
3. BIAS Amp2 App version and firmware version.

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