Preset Management

1. Browsing presets


On the top left of the interface, you'll find the preset display bar. It shows the name of the current preset, and you can use the left and right arrows to easily navigate through previous and next presets.


The preset save menu provides you with options to overwrite the current preset, save it as a new preset, or share it to ToneCloud.


To enter preset browsing mode, simply click on the preset bar. In this mode, you can view presets by different banks and categories, select various sorting methods, or search for presets by name.

By clicking the star icon located in front of a preset, you can add it to your favorites bank.

This allows you to easily access your favorite presets whenever you need them.



In addition, you have the option to use the list view to efficiently manage all your banks and presets. With list view, you can effortlessly copy or move presets to different banks by simply dragging and dropping them. This feature is particularly useful for organizing your presets during various gigs. Give it a try!


2. Editing Banks / Presets

When you hover the mouse cursor over a bank or preset, it will display the edit and delete buttons for you to delete the bank/preset or change the name of the bank/preset. Please note that you can’t delete factory banks/presets.


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