BIAS Pedal Integration

*Please note: You need to download BIAS Pedal from the download page and activate your BIAS Pedal license in BIAS Pedal Standalone/plugin FIRST*


Loading your custom pedals from BIAS Pedal in BIAS FX 2 is as easy as loading up an effects unit in BIAS FX 2. All factory pedals and your own custom pedals can be loaded within BIAS FX 2.

Loading Pedals in BIAS FX

To find pedals from BIAS Pedals in BIAS FX:

  1. Launch BIAS FX 2 and open the Effects menu by clicking "ADD FX"
  2. Go to BIAS Pedal category at the bottom
  3. Double click the pedal that you want to add to the effects chain


Modifying Pedals

If you need to modify the pedal's internal components, you will need to do so within BIAS Pedal by following the steps below:

  1. Open BIAS Pedal and modify it how you like
  2. Save it as new, or overwrite the same preset
  3. Go back to BIAS FX 2 and find the same pedal that you modified
  4. You should see the newly modified pedal



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