ToneCloud for BIAS FX 2

1. Search / Download / Preview / Like / Comment on a preset



To access ToneCloud, click the icon to the left of the top bar. On the cloud, you'll find thousands of presets. In each block, click icons for corresponding actions such as download, preview, more details, comment, or like. If you wish to download a preset, please ensure you are logged in to your ToneCloud account first.


On the top right, there's a magnifier icon that allows you to search for your favorite artists, bands, and songs based on preset titles or descriptions.


If you want to view only the presets available for the BIAS FX 2 license tier you purchased, search using keywords, then click the settings icon and choose "Available for Download".


By clicking the "PREVIEW" button, you can play through the selected preset temporarily to assess if you like its sound.

If you'd like to save the preset, simply click the "DOWNLOAD" button.


2. Sort / multiple download

Furthermore, you can sort all presets by relevant, upload time, genre, etc by clicking the settings icon.

You can also download multiple presets at once: simply click the "multiple download" button on the top right and select all the presets you wish to download.

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