Error - The Sample Rates Of The Recording & Playback Devices Don't Match (Windows Sound)

Please make sure that the sample rate/bit rate settings for your Windows Sound Recording and Playback devices match.

(1) Right-click on the speaker icon on the lower-right corner on your desktop and choose Recording Devices

(2) Right-click the Microphone (or the desired input device, ex. Focusrite) and choose Properties

(3) Click the Advanced tab and verify or change the Default Format option

(4) Click OK then click the Playback tab.  Right-click on your default or the desired output device and choose Properties

(5) Make sure the Default Format option matches what you selected for your recording channel.  (You'll notice in this screenshot, my playback device is configured for 48,000Hz while my microphone was configured for 44,100Hz.  These need to match.)


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