Factory Reset

If you experience any malfunction or unusual behavior on your Spark amp, please perform a factory reset to the amp to see if the issue persists.

*Before performing a factory reset to your Spark amp, we recommend you backup your presets beforehand.

1. Turn the device off.

2. Press and hold the “TAP” button when turning on Spark amp, release the TAP button when it starts to blink.
3. Long-press the blinking "TAP" button until all four (1~4) LEDs blink once, then release the TAP button.
*The TAP button needs to be released as soon as all four LEDs start to blink.
*Short press the TAP button to abort factory reset.

4. If "TAP" button is blinking and CH1 LED is on, the factory reset process is completed.

*This process will reset all four presets stored on the hardware as well as Bluetooth pairing information. Forget device in Bluetooth settings before connecting again after factory reset.


Factory Reset Tutorial Video

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