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Q: What is BIAS FX 2 Mobile? 
A: BIAS FX 2 Mobile is an app that transforms your mobile device into the ultimate all-in-one guitar amp & effects processor.


Q: What's the difference between BIAS FX 2 Mobile and BIAS FX Mobile?
A: BIAS FX 2 Mobile is the next generation of BIAS FX Mobile. It comes with a re-engineered DSP sound engine and a faster and smoother user interface. BIAS Mobile 2 comes with new features such as Guitar Match, Looper, IR Loader as well as new amps and effects, including advanced modelers and HD studio rack processors.


Q: What are the requirements for BIAS FX 2 Mobile?
A: BIAS FX 2 Mobile only works on iOS devices and requires iOS 13 or later.


Q:  Does BIAS FX 2 Mobile work on Android?
A:  BIAS FX 2 Mobile is currently only available for iOS.


Q: Besides a compatible iOS device, what else do I need to run BIAS FX 2 Mobile?
A: You will also need an iOS compatible audio interface to connect your guitar to your iOS device. That’s all you need to create and enjoy great tones!


Q: Why can't I find BIAS FX 2 Mobile on the App Store? 
A: BIAS FX 2 Mobile only supports iOS 13 or above. If you are using an older device, you will only see BIAS FX Mobile on Apple App Store.


Q: Can I sign in to BIAS FX 2 ToneCloud with my Apple account?
A:  You can sign in with your Apple account if the email address of your Apple account matches the email address of your Positive Grid (ToneCloud) account. Here’s a small tip:


Existing Users - your Apple ID account email must match your ToneCloud account email.

New Users - sign up a ToneCloud account with your Apple ID email address.

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