Licenses & Pricing

Q: What are the price options and the features included? 
A: The app is free to download. Advanced license tiers are offered as in-app purchases. Please head to App Store to download the latest BIAS FX 2 Mobile and check the in-app store for further details.


Q: Are there any special offers available for existing BIAS FX users?
A: Yes, we offer special prices for BIAS FX Mobile license owners and BIAS FX 2 desktop users.


For BIAS FX Mobile license owners, make sure that you’re on the same iOS device where BIAS FX Mobile is installed to see your special pricing for in-app purchases on all BIAS FX 2 Mobile  license tiers. If you’ve since moved on to a new iOS device, go to Settings in BIAS FX 2 Mobile and tap “Transfer In-App Purchases” to follow the on-screen instructions. If you need any assistance, please contact our Support agents. 


For BIAS FX 2 desktop users, please log in to your ToneCloud account in BIAS FX 2 Mobile to see your special pricing options for in-app purchases on all license tiers. If you already own Metal Signature Pack, Bass Expansion Pack, and Acoustic Expansion Packs for BIAS FX 2 desktop, you can download those in BIAS FX 2 Mobile for free. 


Q: If I want to use BIAS FX 2 Mobile on multiple iOS devices, do I need to make separate in-app purchases for different mobile devices?  
A: No, like its predecessor, BIAS FX 2 Mobile is also a universal app, meaning that you only need to purchase a certain item once and you can use it across different devices.

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