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Q: How does the audio engine in BIAS FX 2 Mobile compare to BIAS FX Universal?
A: BIAS FX 2 Mobile’s amps utilize our award-winning BIAS AMP 2 DSP engine. The effects DSP engine is completely re-engineered from BIAS FX Mobile. 


Q: Does BIAS FX 2 Mobile have an IR loader?
A: Yes, BIAS FX 2 Mobile has a dedicated IR loader.


Q: Do I have different sample rates to choose from in BIAS FX 2 Mobile?
A: Yes, the sample rates range from 44.1k to 96k.


Q: Does BIAS FX 2 Mobile support IAA (In-App Audio)?
A: Yes, but BIAS FX 2 Mobile can only be used as a client in other compatible host applications. 


Q: Does BIAS FX 2 Mobile support AUv3?
A: BIAS FX 2 Mobile currently does not support AUv3, but you can still integrate with other apps via IAA (inter-app audio).


Q: Does BIAS FX 2 Mobile support MIDI?
A: Yes it does!

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