Expansion Pack

Once you've purchased an expansion pack (Metal Signature Pack, Bass Expansion Pack, or Acoustic Expansion Pack, Experience Jimi Hendrix™ pack), you can activate them by simply log out and log back into ToneCloud within BIAS FX 2 Mobile.


Contents of Expansion Packs

Metal Signature Pack
6 Amps
6 Effects
  • Loomis Metal 
  • Loomis PQ
  • Loomis 120
  • Loomis OD 
  • Merrow 5153  
  • Merrow Fire 
  • Merrow Drive 
  • Merrow Gate 
  • Frostburn Fire
  • Frostburn Ice
  • Frostburn Delay 
  • Frostburn Chorus 
Bass Pack
7 Effects
  • Bass Compressor 
  • Bass Envelope Filter 
  • Bass Octave 
  • Bass DI Driver 
  • Bass Deluxe Drive 
  • Bass EQ 
  • Bass Chorus
Acoustic Pack
6 Effects
  • Acoustic Preamp 
  • Acoustic EQ 
  • Acoustic Sim 
  • Acoustic Image 
  • Acoustic Chorus 
  • Acoustic Reverb
Experience Jimi Hendrix™
6 Amps
8 Effects
  • J.H. 45/100
  • J.H. Super 100
  • J.H. Bass Master
  • J.H. D-Show Master
  • J.H. Sun 100S
  • J.H Tone City 100
  • J.H. Axle Fuzz
  • J.H. Super Fuzz
  • J.H. Legendary Fuzz 
  • J.H. Octave Fuzz
  • J.H. Fuzz Zone
  • J.H. Legendary Wah
  • J.H. Legendary Vibe
  • J.H. Vintage Echotape


How to find the items in expansion packs

For Experience Jimi Hendrix™ pack, you can find the effects and amps under the corresponding Jimi Hendrix™ label.





For other expansion packs, the effects of expansion packs will show up in different categories in the effect finder on your mobile device.

For instance, the screenshots below are the pedals in the Acoustic Pack:


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