Guitar Match List

Model Details:

*Only available in Experience Jimi Hendrix™ expansion pack.

Target Name Year Neck Fret Board Body Pickup Neck Pick Middle Pick Bridge
J.H. Monterey* 1967 Maple Rosewood Alder 60 Single Coil 60 Single Coil 60 Single Coil
J.H. Signature* 2015 Maple Maple Alder Vintage 65 Vintage 65 Vintage 65
57' Goldtop Reissue 1995 Mahogany Rosewood Plain Maple top and Mahogany Back Pure P.A.F.    - Pure P.A.F.
SHR Antique 2017 Maple Indian Rosewood Alder ML Single Coil ML Single Coil ML Single Coil
1958 Countryman GR 2017 Maple Ebony Arched maple TV Jones FilterTron - TV Jones FilterTron
60' Wildwood St 2002 Maple Rosewood Alder Master Single Coil Master Single Coil Master Single Coil
52' Reissue T 2011 Maple Maple Ash 52 Single Coil 52 Single Coil
35 Dot Custom Classic 1992 Mahogany Rosewood 3ply - Maple/Poplar/Maple 57 Classic - 57 Classic
JM Pro SHR 1995 Maple Indian Rosewood Alder SSV - SSV
RR Signature V 2005 Maple Ebony Alder 81 - 85
JP Signature 6 2014 Mahogany Ebony Alder with maple top and mahogany tone block Liquifire - Crunch Lab
John M. Signature 2005 Maple Rosewood Alder Big Dipper single coil Big Dipper single coil Big Dipper single coil
JM Original 2001 Maple Rosewood Alder HOTROD 60'S JM - HOTROD 60'S JM
60' Rosewood St 2016 Rosewood Rosewood Rosewood Master Single Coil Master Single Coil Master Single Coil
T Wave Custom


Maple Indian Rosewood Alder Charlie Christan Neck - Charlie Christian Tele Bridge
TV Player 2013 Maple Indian Rosewood Spruce top and maple back/side Domino P90 - GrandVintage Humbucker
35 50th Anniversary 2013 Mahogany Rosewood Laminated Burstbucker - Burstbucker
CU24 2013 Maple Mahogany Mahogany back, carved flame maple top 59/09 Bass - 59/09 Treble
Horizon 2 2006 Mahogany Ebony Maple top and mahogany back SD 59 - SD JB
Eclipse Original 2003 Mahogany Rosewood Mahogany SD TB5 - SD TB6
CU22 2015  Mahogany  Rosewood Maple Top and Mahogany Back   85/15 Neck Parallel 85/15 Bridge 
 YJM Signature 1999   Maple Maple  Basswood  HS-3   ST-Current HS-3 



No.  Models \ License Tier DEMO/LE STD PRO ELITE Experience Jimi Hendrix™
1 J.H. Monterey         v
2 J.H. Signature         v
3 SHR Antique v v v v  
4 '57 Goldtop Reissue v v v v  
5 CU22   v v  v   
6  YJM Signature     v v  v   
7 '52 Reissue T     v v  
8 JM Pro SHR     v v  
9 35 Dot Custom Classic     v v  
10 RR Signature V     v v  
11 '60 Wildwood St       v  
12 1958 Countryman GR       v  
13 JP Signature VI       v  
14 John M. Signature       v  
15 JM Original       v  
16 '60 Rosewood St       v  
17 Wave Special Ash       v  
18 TV Surf Green       v  
19 35 50th Anniversary       v  
20 CU24       v  
21 Horizon 2       v  
22 Eclipse Original       v  


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