Restore Purchase (from BIAS FX Mobile)

Restorable items:

Essential Analog Effects Pack, Effects Powerhouse Pack, Classics From 60’s Pack, Studio Rack Pack, Acoustic Pack, Bass Pack, Metal Signature Pack


*Note: While the expansion packs from BIAS FX 1 Mobile can be carried over to BIAS FX 2 Mobile, the license from BIAS FX 1 cannot be carried over, meaning that a separate purchase has to be made in order to unlock the full functionalities of BIAS FX 2 Mobile.


*Note: If you're having trouble transferring 'Classic 60' and 'Metal Signature' pack, please make sure that your BIAS FX 2 Mobile is up to date.


1. Please make sure BIAS FX Mobile is up to date, version


2. Make sure BIAS FX Mobile and BIAS FX 2 Mobile are both installed on the same device.


3. Go to Settings -> restore purchase in BIAS FX Mobile to restore your purchases first,

then go to Settings -> redeem -> restore redeemed products in BIAS FX Mobile to restore your purchases again.


4. Go to Settings -> transfer in-app purchase in BIAS FX 2 Mobile to transfer your purchases from BIAS FX Mobile to BIAS FX 2 Mobile



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